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Innovation: Pushing the Human Race Forward

“Here’s to the crazy ones… the ones who see differently… they change things.  They Invent.  They Imagine.  They Explore.  They Create.  They Inspire.  They push the human race forward”.

~ From a 1997 Apple television ad.  Below is another ad from the series.

The history of human kind is full change and innovation.  Fire, the wheel, farming, irrigation, the engine, electricity.  Imagine how different our world has become since just the turn of the century.  Computers, phones and aviation were the hot technologies, now smart phones, tablet computers and the Internet are leading change.   As much as people strive to improve themselves and their world, we also resist change.  That’s also human nature.

“Innovation is a new way of doing things that results in positive change”

~ Carmine Gallo

In Carmine’s new book  “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” he showcases innovation, and Steve Job’s leadership role in changing our world.  ”Harvard Professor Nancy Koehn puts Jobs in the same category as other major entrepreneurs of the last 2 centuries, men and women such as Josiah Wedgewood, John D Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford & Estee Lauder. They all share certain traits: intense drive, unflagging curiousity, and a keen imagination.

Here’s to the crazy ones, who change our world for the better!  Do you know anyone like that?

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